Information of Accessdinghy Regatta 2000 in Osaka

Hi Everyone!

We have some good news so I want let you know them.

Sailors should touch to this web site if you want to have newest notice.
But it is problem that my English is very poor and I'm afraid that it make you some confusion.
Please not hesitate to ask me when you don't understand my English, and what I want to say.

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16, April 2002

Hello people,

We can say that we have already two accommodation very close from marina.
From 7th to 15th Oct.(7th - 10th we make the reservations for 30 people).
There are some room Japanese style (TATAMI mat) 4 Japanese style mattress (futon) x 12 rooms and western style rooms two beds x 12 rooms. There are some rooms for heavy degrees disabled. When you will go to bed you can wear on yukata give from sport center.
One is for disabled person I think Maishima sports center accept any degree disabled.
And sportcenter are managed by Osaka city government. They will help to move to marina.
They will pick up you all at airport and take you to there again after regatta.

Accommodation Osaka city Amity Maishima has 80beds include some special room for disabled. 4500yen/night.
Dinner cost is 2200yen, and breakfast is 800yen.
We will have the dinner party in Maishima sport center so the cost for it will be 2200yen /person.
If you want to have rental car the cost will 15000yen/day.
So driver from Maishima like at canberra will drive for you all.
We have some plan to take you to Universal studio Japan, Kyoto and Nara,
but still we need some negotiation with many people.
Osaka city 'Lodge' near to marina. 6500yen/night.
I think you had better meal is probably same cost in this Lodge, but I do not know exactly.
You can drink beer only 200yen in marina but you should pay 350yen at outside of marina.
Good information - coca cola bottling will give us lots of bottles free of charge.
We, the committee, know many foreign people think the cost of life in Japan is expensive.
Yes, It is real. when you look to the road in city, that will be very heavy traffic, So if you will drive to toll road there are many toll gate.

We want and try that you will not spend the money by help of many people.
We contact the persons who can speak English to help with your Japanese stay.
I can say they are very very helpful and have honesty. Thanks everybody for reading this letter. best regards,

comitiee for International Regatta in Osaka
non profit org SAILABILITY JP NOBI
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By Nobi Nishii Sailability Japan

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