Preliminary Notice 1 


Note:  National Entrants must be ranked by their national yachting organisation.
Independent Entrants may enter direct to Sail Melbourne.

Format: A world championship for sailors with severe disabilities.

Organising Authority: Victorian Yachting Council on behalf of IFDS - the International Foundation for Disabled Sailing

Umbrella Event: Sail Melbourne, a multi-regatta Festival-Of-Sail including ISAF Grade One events (Olympic and invited classes).

Venue: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

When: 13 – 22 January 2004

Class: Access Liberty(a new class incorporating Universal Design principles). Twenty Libertys will be provided free of charge by the Access Dinghy Foundation. Each Liberty will be equipped with both manual and servo-assisted controls for rudder and sails. No more than five privately-owned Libertyfs will be permitted to sail in the Championship. Competition Libertys will be available for purchaseafter the Championship.

Eligibility: Disabled sailors holding (or eligible to hold) valid IFDS functional classifications of eOnef or Twof.

There will be two fleets:

A (25 sailors)         - sailors classified as eOnef sailing fully servo-assisted craft;

B (25 sailors)         - sailors classified as eOnef sailing partially servo-assisted craft, and

         - sailors classified as eOnef or eTwof sailing manually-controlled craft. 

Trophy: The winner in Fleet A will be given an Access Liberty.

Champion: The IFDS World Champion will have the lowest point score (regardless of fleet)

Equity of competition: Ballast shall be added to the hulls of competitors below a minimum weight.

Support: The needs of severely disabled sailors will be fully anticipated: Accommodation, Transport, Safety, Customisation of seating and controls.