26 August 2003.



The Principal

Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumine High School

Chigasaki City Kanagawa pre



Attention Mr. Satoshi Shibata



Dear Mr. Shibata,


Mr. Nobuyoshi Nishii, President of Sailability Japan, has advised that on 22nd August, seven of your students assisted at a come and try sailing day at Enoshima. 


Sailability is an international not for profit organisation, that encourages people with any type of disability to participate in sailing alongside able bodied sailors.  The students from Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumine High School were a great help and we would like to commend them.  We ask that you pass on our sincere thanks to :


Kouta Ishida

Daisuke Shimada
Keisuke Matsunawa
Hiroyuki Furuyama
Jyunichi Ayabe
Yuuki Yagi


Their contribution helped to make this a very memorable day for many sailors.  The involvement of students in the Sailability programme helps to break down barriers between disabled people and able bodied and makes the future look bright.


Yours truly,







Jackie Kay