By Jeff Fry

The Access 2.3 Keelboat has a 15kg Ballast centerboard and is steered with a joystick.
This boat does not capsize and has to be safest and most comfortable sailing dinghy on the planet.

The Access Dinghy range has grown out of the need to re-think entry level sailing, to simplify everything, to retuern to the basics.
In today's world of seemingly unlimited choice people need to be encouraged into a new activity, not threatened with confusing rules, and jargon, and rewarded with a dunking.

The Access 303 is 3.03 metres long and is the next step in the development of the Access Dinghy concept for those sailors, able body and disabled who wish to take their sailing more seriously. This balt has a taller rig with addition of a jib and a heavier keel.
Similar hull design parameters to the smaller 2.3 ensures that these boats are extremely safe and easy to sail. The Access 303 will balance perfectly when sailed single-handed under mainsaila alone, yet also balance when two up using main and jib.
The end result is an extremely versatile and inexpensive genuine rough water sailor.All the servo assisit electrics developed for the 2.3 will also fit the 303.