June 29, 2000

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

As you may already know, I shall formally leave Sailability Australia at the end of June. I therefore feel that I should write to you, personally, and thank you for the privilege of your partnership over the last few years.

Sailability commenced as a working party of the Victorian Yachting Council (VYC) in May 1991, and was officially launched in April 1993. In May 1994, delegates from all around Australia met at the VYC and resolved that

The Chairmen of the state committees constituted the National committee.

Dr Alan Rose of Victoria was elected as the first National Chairman, and Graham Lemon was appointed as the first National Coordinator. Sailability Australia was run from the VYC.

Despite its name however, Sailability Australia remained a local Victorian program until promotional activity commenced in NSW and elsewhere. In March 1995, Sailability NSW formed as an incorporated association based at Gosford. Soon after, Sailability Dobroyd and Sailability Pittwater formed as branches. I was elected National Chairman in May 1995, and became National Coordinator in December 1995. In that same year, Kay Cottee became Patron. The rest you know:

I had hoped to stay as National Coordinator until after the Paralympics in October 2000, but it is not

to be. In the past, Sailability Australia received substantial grants from the Australian Sports Commission. Those grants were supplemented by the efforts of an active fundraising committee. However, the halcyon days of funding are gone, and it has become very difficult to raise money in this period leading up to the Olympics and Paralympics. We have therefore run out of funds.

Without a full-time National Coordinator, the Sailability Australia Committee will probably not be able to achieve as much as we all would hope. Some reorganisation and redefinition of priorities is inevitable. Nevertheless, I am confident that the program will grow from strength to strength. I ask that you give the committee your full support.

I shall be a part-time volunteer at the Sailability office at the AYF for an indefinite period after July 1; however, I shall definitely end that role before August 1. After July, please contact me at:

27/25-29 Devonshire St.

Chatswood NSW 2067

Tel. (02) 9411 3780 (International +61 2 9411 3780)

Email: PhilVardy@aol.com

In the meantime, I ask you please to refer inquiries to your state Sailability organisation or to members of the Sailability Australia Committee (Sacom).

Although no longer an employee, I’ll continue to be involved in disabled sailing. I hope to see the successful completion of Project 360, a scheme to

Also, with AYF endorsement, I hope to continue as a member of

And of course, I’ll continue to edit World Disabled Sailor.

I end by thanking you, and others, for achieving something remarkable in the past few years. It has been wonderful to work with you, and I hope that we enjoy many hours on the water together in the future.

With very best wishes



Phil Vardy

National Sailability Coordinator