Sailability°«s right and resposibilities

Sailability°«s Rights

Sailability also has rights. They are as follows:

To refuse volunteers

When they do not have an appropriate job offer.

When a volunteer is deemed unsuitable due to health or attitudinal reasons.

To terminate a volunteers placement

Sailability has the right to dismiss a volunteer if their behaviour becomes unacceptable or damages the reputation of the organisation.

To be represented positively by the volunteer

The volunteer should represent the interest of the organisation ? not personal interests.

To have a firm commitment from the volunteer

The volunteer must be committed to the organisation. That is, its philosophy, goals and objectives, policies and programs.

Sailability°«s responsibilities

Sailability has the following responsibilities to its volunteers:

Demonstrating a positive attitude towards volunteers and their work

Policies and procedures regarding the use of volunteers need to be formulated for each Branch and made available to all concerned. A belief in the value of volunteers is essential.

Providing a job description

So that each volunteer knows what to do and what not to do. Ideally this should be in writing.

A job description should include:

Orientation and training

The training that volunteers require will vary depending on the needs of Sailability. Training may be formal or informal and needs to be flexible, relevant and further enhance the skills of the volunteer. It must provide opportunities for growth, be accessible and develop competence for the roles to be undertaken.

Informing volunteers of change of plans or circumstances which may affect them

The volunteer is to be consulted on matters that affect their work and be able to take part in the decision making process.

Continuous evaluation of and with the volunteer

The volunteer needs to have their work regularly evaluated by the Committee and receive constructive feedback.


Volunteers intimate details and past history is confidential information, e.g. drug dependency, criminal record, mental illness.


Sailability should provide ongoing support to the volunteer.

Insurance cover for Volunteers

Each volunteer involved in Sailability is provided with comprehensive insurance cover against accidents which could occur. It is imperative that all volunteers complete a °»Volunteer Application Form°…(VAF/1 page 20) and sign a registration sheet (VRF/1 page 26) indicating their attendance each week.