Role of the volunteer co-ordinator

The role of Volunteer Co-ordinator is of prime importance to success of Sailability as volunteers are responsible for all aspects of administration, sailing and training. This position may require considerable time and energy, but is vitalt to the overall success of a Sailability branch. The role of the Volunteer Co-ordinator is to oversee all tasks and responsibilities relating to volunteers, their duties, training and well-being. A variety of members within the branch could take responsibility for certain aspects of volunteering, utilising their skills and interest areas and thus supporting the Co-ordinator as much as possible.

The Volunteer Co-ordinator needs to be committed to the job and a good organizer with plenty of time and energy. The role includes;


Who is a Volunteer

A definition provided by the Australian council of states that a volunteer is :

person who chooses to contribute their time, skill and experiences, for no payment to benefit the community”

The volunteer is one who is hired, trained, appreciated, supervised and may be fired verything but paid. The volunteer contracts to perform a specific job with certain responsibilities and in return is entitled to certain rights. Both the volunteer and Sailability have obligations to each other.