Sailability & its Volunteers

The concept of people with disabilities taking on active administration roles has done much to promote our ideal of sailing for everyone and develop the Sailability policy of full community bi-directional integration in both participation and club administration.

All members, regardless of ability, are encouraged and supported to become actively involved in the administration of their branch. This is an important philosophy of Sailability and should be presented at every opportunity.

Sailability promotes bi-directional integration ie. As well as providing the means where people with disabilities (PWDs) can socialize and compete with able bods, Sailability educates the broader community to the needs and attitudes of PWDs; it dispels many fears by both the disabled and able bodied. Everyone is accepted for their ability; disability disappears as groups work and learn together.

In any disability sporting organization, volunteers have traditionally been difficult to find and retain. By inviting friends, family and indeed any non-sailor into the organization, Sailability has constant supply of able-bodied people interested in the continued success of their club. At a Sailability event everyone is encouraged to participate not only in sailing, but also administrative and organizational tasks. Here we see people with a minor disability assisting those with more restricting conditions; severely disabled sailors becoming volunteers. Everyone contributes in their own capacity, thus gaining confidence and motivation to expand their knowledge, confidence to try new experiences, whilst at the same time being supported within their own club, by their own friends.

Sailabilty policy of bi-directional integration ensures that all members of the community enjoy the fun and freedom which sailing offers in an environment of encouragement, support and safety. Sailability is truly ‘sailing for everyone’