hallow everyone.welcome to our home page.
My name is NOBI Nishii, My real name is Nobuyoshi Nishii but almost foriegn people cannot pronunce my name .
NOBI is easy for peole in another country.
I want you to know about us and we want to conect and be familar .

My first experience of sailing long distance was 1994 yacht race from Bristben to Osaka.
I have some pleasure in sailing in those days but not have long distance sailing.
I want to compleat something like adventure.

I asked sailing somewhere in the distance to a Japanese sailor.
However, it turns out that sailing for several months is impossible for a busy person from their work.
I had prenty time but have not enogh money and fine boat which can sailing long voyage.
I lived in front of the yacht harbor in Osaka those days.
Therefore, even if I did not have a sailboat, I was able to go out for sailing every week.

Usual Japanese Yachtman is busy and rich, I am not usual yachtman.
I was having a longing beyond marine. It was illness which the sailor which was passing tedious every day became.

I have never sail to out side Osaka bay
after long time thiniknig with my dog Danie I got one idea.

I know Tanowa Yacht club will be host club of long sdistance yacht race.
From Los-angeles, Shanghi, Vladivostok, Pusan and Brisbane to Osaka
The finish will be almost same time so there will be lot of sailors from the world.

When they returned from Japan to their country and I sailed together with them,
I thought that I could sail to a long distance.

I know chairman of yacht club (Mr.Yoshida) and he could introduce me to sailor who is interesting to sail with Japanese.
He wrote the letter to organizer of yacht race in Brisbane (Royal QSL Yacht scoudron)
It was quick reply, But it wasn't answer which I expected.

LONGFELLOW was New zelander's boat 20m long, and very big boat for me.I have no experience sailing by like that very big boat.
we spend 27 days to arrive to Osaka by 6 sailors.
It was very good experience and I think I could change my life by this experience. And I learned many things.

I never speak with foriegn people and stay with them.

After sailing together longtime I became to be able to understand their English even by my broken English.
( I know my English sometime make you cofusion. but BETTER THAN NOTHING!)
I could have many friends from that race.
Even now we sometime contact with them.
We want to visit Peter Flecher in Tasumania 2004 January.

But after sailing , I have again boring time and days.