Access Dinghy Class Rules 5.2.

In accordance with 5.1. above, and to comply with the purposes of The Access Dinghy Sailing Association as outlined in the Constitution, it is deemed necessary to include the following permanent alterations :

(a). Special consideration shall be given in conveying information and signalling to the needs of sailors with special needs be they physical, intellectual, mental or sensory disabilities.

(b). Sailors with special needs may be assisted by electronic devices including servo assist winches, radio and remote control; amends RRS 41.

(c). Instruction in Rules and Tactics and other outside assistance may be given before and during an event in divisions 3 & 4; amends RRS 41.

(d). Sailors to remain seated at all times with a leg on either side of the console when sailing solo. This rule is to prevent unreasonable shifting of body weight forward.

(e). No adjustments to the position of the centreboard are permitted during racing.

(f). Adjustments to sail area (reefing/unreefing) are not permitted in divisions 2,3 & 4 unless authorised by the race organisers.

(g). If the combined weight of a pair in any doubles division is below 95Kg they are deemed to be sailing solo.

(h). Notice of an intended protest must be lodged at the administration desk within 10 mins of the last boat finishing the final race in each sequence.

(i). Representation at a protest is allowable, and no protest flag or verbal use of the “PROTEST” is required.

(j). Competitors may choose to sail their own boats, pooled boats shall be allocated by ballot with consideration given to competitors special needs.

(k). The organisers shall not be responsible for the condition of boats and protests relating to breakdowns or advertising are outside the spirit of the class and will not be heard.

(l). These rules shall be made available to all Access Dinghy regatta competitors.