General Information

This information is by open letter from Terry Peek Australian team organizer.
This is easy for me because problem of English, Nobi can add some Information.
If you want more information you can e-mail them directly.
Almost Japanese in this page can write English,
I asked them if you contact them to be kind.

I would trust by now that you have visited a travel agency and borrowed brochures, visited the libraries and read their copies of The Lonely Planet etc and are aware of things such as visa, health and passport requirements, use of credit cards and travellers' cheques, tipping etc.
If not, the following may be relevant. If you have, bear with me and highlight any discrepancy with the information you have, but copy to all concerned.

You will need a current passport. This is your responsibility folks Visas If you have valid passport and are an Australian citizen, you will not need a visa as we are staying less than 90 days.
Health Regulations
I have been advised we do not need vaccinations but it was recommended that we have Hepatitis B and C shots. Against this I have been told that given the short duration of our stay, a gammaglobulin shot may be sufficient. I would suggest you check this yourself especially if you are on some particular medication.
Speaking of medication,
if you are taking prescription medicines etc, make sure you bring enough for the time we are away with a little extra in case there is some difficulty experienced in country. The cost of medicines I am told is high. Medical Status If your medical situation is such that you think that I should know as the Team Organiser, I would be grateful if you could drop me a line clearly marked "Health - Confidential" letting me know the circumstances and the type of medication if any, you are taking. I would appreciate your advice so that I can react positively if a problem or situation should arise whilst we are away.
Baggage Allowance
We will each be allowed 20Kg. Excess baggage costs are a personal problem padre
Credit Cards/Travellers Cheques and Currency
The more common credit cards are accepted in most of the major hotels and tourist restaurants.
I am not sure about the acceptance of our credit cards at the accommodation we are to be located.
Nobi will give you Information you about this.
[I contact both Hotel (AMITY MAISHIMA &l LODGE) they accept only cash Japanese yen cannot accept any card. I think hotel which is managaed by goverment sometime have not advanced system.]
I am told that not all places in Japan will accept them outside the more popular tourist trap areas. I understand that American Express Travellers Cheques are widely accepted and are commonly used by tourists as the banks and larger stores are very slow to arrange currency transactions. It has been suggested that Amex Travellers cheques in Yen be arranged in Australia before departure. I intend to have about $500 worth of Yen in cash as well before I leave. You will recall that in my initial costings and comparisons, I used 65 yen to the dollar. The good news (to date anyway) is that the dollar has risen to around 70 yen to the dollar.
Nobi thinks you cannot use Australian doller in Uasually shop and restrant, but card is okay. and monay exchange is difficult from Australian doller to Japanese yen.
You should find "Tokyo city bank" beforeThe cashing by card, I say Almost banker cannot speak English.
Remember that the electricity voltage in Japan is only 110v. Your 240v hair dryer won't work folks unless they are dual voltage. Pat is going to buy a small and cheap electric jug on arrival so that she and I can have the occasional cuppa when the fit hits us.
If you have worry about your special gear, I think Mr, Kei kawamura ( can english) advice you,his e-mail.
Apart from the uniform for our 'official' functions and sister city visits, the choice of clothing etc is very much individual but perhaps we could make jeans and dark shorts the order of the day at most activities. We will be there in Autumn when the temperatures will be around 17 degrees, so light but warm clothing along with a light rain smock or rain coat, are recommended.
Side tours
Osaka is not far from Kyoto and Nara which is reputed to be the main attraction for tourists providing some of the best sightseeing. I'll be costing a side trip to the main attractions there during my discussions with the airline and agent for possibly Tuesday 15 Oct. Will keep you posted on this but the $3000-$3500 should cover this I'm advised
side tours information from nobi
  • OKINAWA and Hokkiado
    • B&G marien sports center in Okinawa and Hokkaiko have accessdinghy.
    • okinawa 303 3boats,
    • hokkaidou MURORAN has two 2.3 wide seat.
    • Hokkaido is a little cold but Okinawa is still mid summer.
    • If you need more information, you can get from Mr. Sakakura
    • his mail
  • Sailability Shonan is mnewest Sailability in the day.
    • South of Tokyo
    • If you more information in this directry,you will e-mail Tommy2
  • I can tell you SUNAMERI groupe is 4 or 3 hours from Osaka by drive is very beautiful sea.
    • SUNAMERI people want to contact and have exchange program may be if you cantact to Mr Toshio Shino his this e-mail. and kind MOMO mail
  • Kouchi in Shikoku Island, is very beautiful and Ako who was sailoer in last canberra regatta is usually sailing
  • you will see the biggest bridge in our country when you drive.
    • I think we will have one sailor at least from Kouchi, and if you want to contact and want to visite Kouchi.
    • ako mail is this
    • I think there are alot of kind sailors if they are not busy.
  • Wakayama
    • there is one accessdinghy for disabled at Wakayama mariena city.
    • Dr, Tanaka is organizer of this groupe and they have one of the best yachtting couch Saika is descendant of maybe pirate.
  • Saitama Iriso
    • Mr Hinamoto is very busy person, I think you all may be meet with him.
    • Hinamoto's company is in Iriso and keep our two accessdinghy and one his accessdinghy keep in his strage by free. Hinamoto e-mail
    • Himanoto can introduce you Potato beer or green tea beer, but I like usually beer much better than green tea beer,(seacret)
    • Tomy 1 is young good guy and work for hinamoto's office.
    • If you lost your way in Iriso or Saitama He will find you but in the case of Tokyo, I think he can't find you.
  • .There is Universal Studio Japan where Jaws are waiting for you and ET, But I don't know exactly
    • .we will contact them you will be by special ticket price